Jammi's GTP



  1. Reduces Stress.
  2. Boosts Immunity.
  3. Reduces Defects in Semen Production.
  4. Treat Nervine Disease.
  5. Rejuvenates entire body.
  6. Treats Malnutrition.
  7. Mental Relaxant.


  • Malnutrition (Sosha).
  • Nervine Diseases (Vata Vyadhi).
  • Defective Semen (Shukra Dosha).
  • Mild Epilespy (Apasmara).
  • Depression, Nervousness & Anxiety.

Recommended Dosage:

Adult 1 Capsule 3 times a day (or) As indicated by physician.

Key Ingredients:

Ashwagandhais considered a grounding herb, one that nourishes and regulates metabolic processes and stabilizes moods. It is a superb remedy for nervous exhaustion. It is also excellent for boosting semen production. It pacifies both Vata and Kapha.

Shatavariis used for conditions affecting the female reproductive system, mood swings and irritation associated with premenstrual syndrome, as well as menopausal hot flashes.

Side Effects

No serious side effects observed .

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