Jammi's Ayurin

Ayurvedic Haemetinic


  • Maintains normal Hemoglobin levels even after discontinuation of use

  • Does not cause Constipation, Griping and Gastric irritation

  • Easy assimilation of iron

  • NO deposits of iron in critical organs

Key Ingredients

  • Punarnavadi Mandura Bhasma

  • Kantha Vallabh Ras

  • Triphala Churna

  • Gokshuradi Churna

  • Jasadha Bhasma


  • Iron Deficiency anaemia

  • Loss of appetite

  • Hepato-megaly secondary to deficiency states

  • Jaundice

  • Hair loss in both men & women


  • Adults: 2 Tablets 2 times daily Children: 1 Tablet 2 times daily.


ANS: There is no defined period. You should take Ayurin till your Hemoglobin reaches normal levels. This time frame depends on various factors that include your own individual body type, other medications you consume, your prevailing health conditions etc.