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Jammi's Hepableen Syrup

Complete Liver Protective

Jammi's Amavata Tailam

For Rheumatic Joint Pains

Jammi's Madhumehari Churna

Diabetes Management

Jammi's Triphala Churna

Excellent Detoxifier

Jammi's Suventris

The Comprehensive Uterine Tonic

Jammi's Pyril-DS

Excellent Tool for Combating Viral Fever

Jammi's Trip Caps

Constipation Relief

Jammi's OrthoRaksha

Relieves Arthritic Pains

Jammi's Nilomit

Anti-Emetic (Controls Vomiting)

Jammi's D-Tabs

Ayurvedic Anti-Diarrhoeal

Jammi's Ayurin

Ayurvedic Haemetinic

Jammi's AA caps

Relieves Respiratory Tract Disorders

Jammi's Whooco

Soothing Throat Lozenges

Jammi's Livercure-Complex Forte

The Complete Liver Solution

Jammi's Redema

Ayurvedic Diuretic without any side-effects

Jammi's Laksha

Hemostatic (for internal bleeding)

Jammi's Hepableen Tablets

For Alcoholic Fatty Liver & Liver Damage

Jammi's GTP

Reduces Stress and Boosts Immunity