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Crush N' Brush

Total Oral Care

KeshPro Hair Oil

For Luxuriant Hair


For Normal and Dry Skin Types

Clear Marks

Removes Blemishes

BFF - Best Foot Forward

For Quick Relief from Cracked Heels


An All Natural Face Pack


Ultra Facial Cream for a Glowing Complexion


Anti-ageing Cream

UV Safe

For Protection Against UV-A and UV-B rays

Jammi's Thyrogard

Regulates Thyroid Function Naturally

Jammi's Hepableen Syrup

Complete Liver Protective

Jammi's Madhumehari Churna

Diabetes Management

Jammi's Triphala Churna

Excellent Detoxifier

Jammi's Suventris

The Comprehensive Uterine Tonic

Jammi's OrthoRaksha-Oil

Pain-Relief Oil

Jammi's Pyril-DS

Excellent Tool for Combating Viral Fever

Jammi's Nutritone

Boosts Energy and Enhances Immunity

Jammi's Trip Caps

Constipation Relief

Jammi's OrthoRaksha

Relieves Arthritic Pains

Jammi's Nilomit

Anti-Emetic (Controls Vomiting)