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Jammi's Hepableen Syrup

Protective Syrup for overall well being of the Liver


Prevents inflammation of uterus

Jammi's pyril-DS

Excellent tool for combating viral fever

Jammi's nutritone

Boosts energy and improves immunity

Jammi's trip caps

Reduces accumulated toxins in the body

Jammi's OrthoRaksha

Excellent tool for combating viral fever

Jammi's nilomit

Controls vomitting and morning sickness during pregnancy

Jammi's D-tabs

Completely safe even for infants and No Texemia, usually ...

Jammi's aa caps

Relieves respiratory tract disorders

Jammi's Whooco

Soothing Throat Lozenges

Jammi's swascolyn

Non-alcoholic diabetic friendly cough syrup

Jammi's livercure

A Complete Liver Protective

Jammi's laksha

Controls internal bleeding and excellent wound healer

Jammi's GTP

To reduce stress and boosts immunity