Jammi's Laksha


  1. Excellent Haemostatic
  2. Control Internal Bleeding
  3. Soothens Intestines
  4. Helps treats urinary problems
  5. Excellent wound healer


  • Bleeding due to Oesophageal varices.
  • Internal bleeding in intestines.
  • Urinary problems.
  • Intra uterine bleeding.

Recommended Dosage:

Adult 1 Capsule 3 times a day (or) As indicated by physician

Key Ingredients

Laksha Churna Helps in healing external and internal wounds and ulcers. It helps in the regeneration of the nerve tissues internally.

Tankana Bhasmais an antiseptic & a local sedative.

Shanka Bhasma used to clear infections & inflammations in the intestine & increases rate of metabolism.

Athi Madhuram It’s an ancient ayurvedicrejuvenating root which pacifiesVata& Pitta. Used for urinary problems, wound healing and inflammation.

Pravala Bhasma is used in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding and bleeding hemorrhoids.

Side Effects:

No Serious side effects observed.

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