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Dr. Jammi Venkata Ramana - Managing Partner

A qualified Ayurvedic Physician as well as an allopath, Dr. Jammi is the grandson of the founder and believes in achieving wellness as opposed to curing illness. After his formal medical training in both systems, Dr. Jammi has treated several thousand patients over the course of four decades in alleviating them from various health problems. He is instrumental in shaping the company to what it is today and keenly maintains that a scientific approach to Ayurveda is critical in making people understand the role Ayurveda plays in today's hectic stress-filled life.

Dr. Narasimham Jammi

Dr. Narasimham Jammi, Director, has a Ph.D in Biological Chemistry from University of Utah and Post Doctoral training in Molecular Pharmacology from Stanford University. He has a great track record of successfully handling and managing commercial aspects in the diagnostic and biotechnology industry. He is keen on scientifically proving the efficacy of Ayurveda and bringing it back as mainstream medicine.

Mr.Ramanarasu Jammi

Mr.Ramanarasu Jammi, Director, is a B Pharm graduate and heads operations at Jammi Pharmaceuticals. He has been in the field of Ayurveda for more than 10 years. He has successfully established the use of modern techniques in the manufacture of these Ayurvedic products without any compromise in their efficacy. The same classical formulations that were developed a century ago by the founders of the company are still manufactured meticulously using contemporary methodologies. Mr.Ramanarasu has excellent understanding of the production requirement and leads a motivated team that meets the national safety standards and compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Dr.Anitha Balachander

Dr.Anitha Balachander, Head - Quality, a Ph.D in Life Sciences and with Post Doctoral training from Penn State University, heads Quality at Jammi Pharmaceuticals. She has more than a decade worth of experience in the Pharma industry and ensures absolute compliance to quality standards. The quality department at Jammi ensures that all the products going to the market have cleared the highest levels of quality requirement. Appropriate Manufacturing in- process controls and quality checks have been established. Dr.Anitha also spearheads the research activities at Jammi Pharmaceuticals where the main focus is to elucidate the mechanism of action of these classical Ayurvedic products

Mr. A.K. Jeelani -Sales Head

With a family background of Pharma Retail for several decades, Jeelani himself has an experience of 22 years in Pharmaceutical Sales.  He is an energetic and active leader who takes a hands-on approach in increasing the sales of the company. He has introduced frame works for efficient implementation of processes and systems towards increasing sales. He has been instrumental in establishing a vast array of dealer networks across seven states and is aggressively looking to increase the dealer network across the rest of the nation.

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