Jammi's Whooco


  1. Treats coughs and sore throats.
  2. Excellent expectorant.
  3. Controls whooping coughs very well.
  4. Improves general respiratory health.
  5. Excellent cure for CUO.
    (Coughs of Unknown Origins)


  • Dry and Spasmodic Cough.
  • Incessant Cough.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Whooping Cough.
  • In cases of Eosinophilia for symptomatic relief.

Recommended Dosage:

Adult 2 tablets 3 times daily
Children 1/2 - 1 tablets 4 times daily
Infants 1/4 - 1 tablets 3 times daily, with a teaspoonful Honey

Key Ingredients:

Madhuka A rejuvenating herb with great medicinal properties to treat respiratory disorders, itchy throat, asthma & cough.

Sweta Maricha Medicinal herb that pacifies conditions of Pitta. Anti-spasmodic. It helps to relax a sore throat.

TalisadiChurna A mixture of therapeutic ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, long pepper and few others. The healing properties of these ingredients help to treat cold, cough, asthma and bronchial conditions.

Side Effects:

Not recommended for pregnant women.

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