Regulates Thyroid Function Naturally


YASADHA BHASMA Nanoparticles – provides the essential Zinc as Nanoparticles. Zinc is crucial for proper thyroid
hormone metabolism. Zinc deficiency results in decreased thyroid hormone levels and resting metabolic
rate (RMR). Balances hormones, Zinc converts T4 to T3 the most potent form. Zinc plays a crucial role in
liver function and stress management which is essential in maintaining T3 levels. In the presence of
stress and faulty liver function, T4 gets converted to rT3 or reverseT3 which is the non-functional isomer
of T3.
ASHWAGANDHA: Gives proper nutrition, Boosts overall health, Improves energy and vitality. Reduces
depression. Calms down agitated mind. Promotes sound sleep. An excellent Rejuvenator.
PUNARNAVADHI MANDURAM: Gives proper nutrition. Arrests hair loss & receding hair causing
TRIPHALA: Enhances warmth, circulation, digestion. Relieves constipation.
YASHTIMADHU: Provides good strength and immunity. Is a Rejuvenator. Has anti-inflammatory
properties. Relieves joint pains, stiffness and muscle pain. Soothes sore throat and reduces hoarseness of
PUNARNAVA: is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity. It acts as an herbal diuretic and can help
relieve the discomfort associated with excess water retention by promoting urination and without the loss of
electrolytes or potassium. Tones and strengthen nervous system. Supports cognitive functions.