Ayurvedic Diuretic without any side-effects


  • No weakness associated with K+ depletion as found in Furosemide

  • Mild infections and burning micturition is relieved. Completely safe even for acute renal failure

Key Ingredients

  • Kalyana Kshara

  • Panaviraladi ksharam


  • Fluid retention in the system due to diseases of heart, liver & kidney

  • Obesity

  • Renal Calculi

  • Joint Pains


  • Adults: 1 Tablet per 30 kg body weight 3 times daily

  • Children: 1 Tablet 3 times daily

  • Infants: ½ (Half) Tablet 2~3 times daily, with honey or milk


ANS: NO. Redema helps in cases of obesity due to water retention, thyroid-related problems and other metabolic issues. Redema will NOT work in lifestyle-induced obesity like consumption of junk food, sedentary habits, smoking and drinking.