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Post-Covid Recovery Kit

Post-Covid Recovery Kit

Covid Recovery - Regain Immunity, Optimize Liver Function, 24/7 Protection, Remove Stress


Recover Completely after Covid


Product Description

Post-Covid Recovery is as important as making sure you beat the disease. There are 4 main aspects to post-Covid recovery:

1) Beating Stress – GTP capsules are very important in making sure that your body is able to deal with the mental and physical stress that it has gone through.

2) Sudarshana Churna Capsules – You still need to continue protecting yourselves because your work continues, your life continues and you must be able to take care of yourself while dealing with your personal and professional fronts.

3) Hepableen Syrup – Remember that your liver has taken a beating with all those drugs that you have had to take to beat the disease. Hepableen syrup will detoxify your liver and nurse your liver back to tip-top shape. You need that liver functioning optimally to make sure your appetite is normal and your body is healthy. After all, to be a good liver, you need a good liver.

4) ImmunZn Granules – All said and done, Immunity is a continuous process. Let us make sure that we build our immunity and have the ability to ward off future variants in a very easy and facile manner



  • Regain your appetite quickly. Your body needs the energy to repair itself.
  • Adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and Shatavari along with Zinc and Calcium make sure that you destress naturally.
  • Protects you from further sickness
  • Optimizes your liver function by detoxifying your liver


  • GTP Capsules
  • Hepableen Syrup
  • ImmunZn Granules
  • Sudarshana Churna Capsules


  • Stress
  • Poor Liver Function and Poor Appetite
  • Poor Immunity and Allergies


  • GTP Capsules - 2 capsules in the night after dinner
  • Hepableen Syrup - 1 capful twice a day after meals
  • Sudarshana Churna Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily
  • ImmunZn granules - 1 spoon twice daily after meals

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