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We are traditional in our approach to treating diseases and healing people. We do not deviate from the original ayurvedic methods of preparations and follow strictly the original texts and age-old ayurvedic formulations that have been handed down to us by our founder, late Dr. Jammi Venkataramanayya. Because of our background in scientific research, our medicines are formulated to suit the modern lifestyle without deviating from the actual principles of Ayurveda.

Though we are known for over 100 years as specialists in curing liver related problems, we have the expertise in treating diseases from head to toe from Pediatric to Geriatric. We are 100% Ayurvedic with zero side-effects. Over the last 120 years we have cured hundreds of thousands of patients from many debilitating illnesses and restored them to the pink of health. Diseases are a result of physical, mental, emotional, genetic and environmental factors and restoring the balance is a fine art that has been perfected over generations in our clinic.

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