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What we are not

We are NOT a Trading Entity?

We manufacture our own medicines following age-old traditions handed down by our forefathers. We do not buy and sell medicines. We are therefore a knowledge-based manufacturing company with expertise in treating various diseases.

We are NOT a “Herbal” company?

Jammi Pharmaceutical is strictly an Ayurvedic company, which uses whole herbs, whole roots and bhasmas (ash derived from controlled oxidation of all kinds of substances including plant materials, non-metallic elements, sea shells, corals, metals etc) to make medicines according to prescribed methodologies from the original literature.

We are NOT a “Massage Center”?

Ayurveda is not just about having a massage. Although an important part of Ayurveda, we at Jammi Pharmaceuticals do not provide services in this area.

We are NOT an “Active Ingredient” company?

Whole herbs and roots are used in its most natural form and not their extracts. This method ensures the maximum efficacy of the prescribed raw materials.


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