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AA Caps – For Respiratory Distress

Ayurvedic Medicine for Breathing Problem | AA Caps

AA Caps – For Respiratory Distress

Relieves Respiratory Tract Disorders


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Product Description

AA caps is a proprietary Ayurvedic formulation from Jammi’s which contains classical ingredients which are well known to address the various aspects of Respiratory Distress including breathing difficulties, asthma and wheezing. In fact the main ingredient of AA caps is Swasananda Rasa which is a classical formulation KNOWN to help with breathing difficulties. As the name indicates (Swasa – in sanskrit Swasa is the term for “forced breathing as is the case in bronchial asthma” and other types of breathing issues & Ananda – happiness), it allows for easy and comfortable respiration. Other ingredients in AA caps include Talisadi Churna, Tankana Bhasma, Pravala Bhasma, Triphala Churna, Trikattu Churna and Karpooradi Churna.

Asthma is a condition wherein the airways become narrow and inflamed and can cause difficulty in breathing. Asthma may also cause chest pain, cough and wheezing. There are several types of Asthma: (1) Adult-onset Asthma, (2) Allergic Asthma (3) Asthma-COPD overlap (4) Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction (5) Non-allergic Asthma and (6) Occupational Asthma. The most common method of treatment involves rescue inhalers and controller inhalers (steroids). Long term use of these inhalers can lead to several undesirable side effects likes coughing, sore throats, oral thrush (a fungal infection) and lung damage.

With various actions that include relief from Asthma, wheezing, Kapha-related disorders, coughs, sinusitis, Pthisis and other upper respiratory distresses, AA caps is the perfect solution for breathing related-issues and asthma. It is extremely safe for long term use and has helped several thousand patients from children to adults in overcoming various breathing problems.

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  • Provides Relief from Asthma Attacks
  • Provides Relief from Upper Respiratory Tract Distress
  • Long-term use of “aa” caps improves breathing-related problems


  • Talisadhi Churna
  • Swasanandha Rasa
  • Pravala Bhasma
  • Tankana Bhasma
  • Swethamaricha
  • Kumari Swarasa
  • Karpooradi Churna
  • Trikattu


  • Asthma
  • Difficulty in Breathing due to congestion or consolidation
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Diseases of various aetiologies


  • 2 capsules 2 times daily mixed with Honey or with Jammi’s Swascolyn


  • Can pregnant women take Jammi’s AA caps?

    No. Pregnant women are adviced against taking “aa” caps.

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